Best Year Ever!


  • Stacey Allred

    My main course responsibility is to prepare pre-service candidates to be effective classroom managers.  Bill Cecil’s short classroom management video clips (in 5 minutes or less) have been an integral supplemental resource!  The students look forward to their “tip of the day” from an experienced teacher.  I look forward to students hearing the same information I present in a new fashion and from an outside source.  Many students choose to read Bill’s book as their book club choice based on the excitement he generates through his video clips.  Each semester I receive positive feedback about the principles and strategies he discusses in Best Year Ever! My students are excited to begin their careers with a variety of strategies to implement on team building, leadership, and classroom management. 

     Stacey Allred
    Instructor, Department of Education
    Ball State University
  • Nancy Weightman

    Amazing presentation! Bill Cecil’s energy and enthusiasm for 
education is palpable. His strong understanding of winning 
strategies for today’s classroom was delivered in an engaging 
and entertaining manner. Our pre-service teachers and 
seasoned staff walked away from his keynote address with 
excitement, anticipation and heightened awareness of the tools 
to make this the “BEST YEAR EVER!” 

    Nancy Weightman
    Instructor/Advisor/College Supervisor of Student Teachers
    Baker College of Auburn Hills

  • Nancy Cook

    Bill Cecil is one of the most dynamic and engaging speakers that I have encountered in my career.  While he provides substantive and practical suggestions for the beginning teacher to implement in his/her first year of teaching, his ideas are applicable to teachers of all ilk and experience.  In addition to being an excellent presenter, his book, Best Year Ever!, is easy to read and provides accessible information for the classroom practitioner.

    Nancy Cook
    Professor of Education and Director of Student Teaching
    Hope College, Holland, Michigan

  • Dan Diedrich

    Passion for the art of teaching, and more importantly LEADING, this is what
 Bill Cecil is all about. I’ve added Best Year Ever! Winning Strategies to Thrive in Today’s Classroom to the reading list for my college class. It’s just what new teachers need, hints and guidelines, suggestions and strategies to motivate and truly inspire students.

    Dan Diedrich
    Director of Student Teachers
    Aquinas College

  • Dr. Nic Cooper

    Bill Cecil has spoken to our teacher preparation candidates on a couple different occasions, inspiring them with his energy and passion and also providing them with practical information to be used to develop a supportive, learning environment in the classroom.  His book has been an invaluable tool that we’ve liked enough to provide all of our teacher education candidates with a copy. He will continue to be a high quality adjunct to our teacher preparation program.

    Dr. Nic Cooper
    Faculty, Teacher Preparation Program –Baker College of Jackson,
    Leadership Coach, Center for Excellence in Education (Central Michigan University),
    Co-Author (with Dr. Betty Garner)– Developing a Learning Classroom: Moving Beyond
    Classroom Management with Relationships, Relevance and Rigor

  • Ruth A. Volz

    As  an  instructor at Central Michigan University of students just beginning to explore the field of education, I and my teaching team have found Bill Cecil’s book to have many valuable lessons for our students.  His book is a “must read” for any pre-professional education student.

    Ruth A. Volz
    EDU 107 instructor (12 years –recently retired)
    Teacher Education & Professional Development Department
    Central Michigan University

  • Michelle A. Johnston

    Bill Cecil spoke to the Ferris State University student teachers just before they started their fall school placements. He absolutely energized the students through his dynamic presentation and helped them focus on creating classroom teams (learning communities) with which the student teachers and their students would work on the same goals for improving student achievement. Throughout their student teaching, the student teachers referred to the wonderful example that Bill provided. He is a great model and has incredible wisdom to share.

    Michelle A. Johnston, Ph.D., Dean
    College of Education and Human Services
    Ferris State University

  • Tom Watkins

    It was a pleasure to serve as State Superintendent of Schools the year Bill Cecil was chosen to represent the fantastic Michigan teachers as “Teacher of the Year!” Bill has a contagious, “can do attitude” that helps propel students and adults forward to accomplish the task at hand. Perhaps the highest praise I can give to Bill is that I only wish my children could have had him as their teacher! Michigan is blessed to have many great teachers, and Bill is at the top of the class.

    — Tom Watkins
    President and CEO, TDW & Associates
    Michigan Superintendent of Schools, 2001-2005
  • Timothy Fulcher

    Bill Cecil’s Best Year Ever! was one of the most practical and energizing presentations I have attended as a teacher. Bill’s dynamic ability to relate his experiences with his message captivated my attention. I was able to use much of his TEAMS concept in my classroom immediately. I also began my classes the following semester, encouraging my students to have their Best Year Ever! by focusing on Bill’s three components: Attendance, Attitude, and Effort. Identifying three simple yet essential components of a student’s classroom responsibilities in such a way allowed for two things to happen: my students had three attainable goals on which to focus, and I had three areas to assist my students in improving. This combination helped to foster a positive classroom experience for all involved. As a new principal, I plan to implement these same concepts with my staff members and their classrooms.

    — Timothy Fulcher
    High School Math Teacher, Hazel Park, Michigan
  • Laura Smith

    I began using the Best Year Ever! program in my third year of teaching. Before that, I had used a combination of strategies that just worked okay. Best Year Ever! has given me a foundation to my classroom management style. Everything else (curriculum, creativity) builds from there. It is something that gets me excited every year and brings students the power they have within themselves. It focuses on positive thinking, goal setting and, most important, a belief in self. Students are able to take the skills learned in my classroom and apply them to all areas of their lives.

    — Laura Smith
    5th Grade Teacher, Waverly Community School District, Michigan
  • Richard Comar

    Bill’s attention to detail on the things that count in the classroom make this book a necessary item for all beginning teachers’ desks. I would add that no matter how many years experience you have teaching, this book will inspire you to always make this year and every year the “Best Year Ever!”

    — Richard Comar
    Middle School Math Teacher, Detroit Public Schools
  • Margaret Hansen-Wood

    I have had the privilege of attending Bill Cecil’s Best Year Ever! seminars. These seminars have been inspirational, not only for me as a teacher, but for my students as well. Since adopting Best Year Ever!’s proactive philosophy, I am amazed at the difference in both my teaching style and in the overall classroom atmosphere. I have become much more confident as a teacher, and look forward to each new year that awaits me. I feel blessed to have been introduced to the Best Year Ever! program.

    -Margaret Hansen-Wood
    2nd Grade Teacher, White Pine Academy, Leslie, Michigan
  • Denny Chartier

    I have first-hand knowledge of the strategies Bill Cecil provided to our K-12 teaching staff. His in-service was by far the best we’ve ever had in my twelve years as superintendent. Our beginning teachers to our veteran teachers are using his team building strategies in their classrooms. Bill has explained how the positive classroom environment can lead to more rigor, relevance, and relationships that are needed in today’s education world.

    — Denny Chartier
    Superintendent, Iron Mountain Public Schools
  • Denise Kehren

    Using Best Year Ever! for three years has taught me the essential ingredients for building a winning classroom community. As a teacher, not only am I responsible for delivering the curriculum, I also reinforce teamwork, cooperation, goal setting, accountability, and a sense of being the best person you can be, as well as doing my best to enjoy each and every day. Aren’t these the real skills needed to have a positive, productive, and successful life?

    — Denise Kehren
    6th Grade Teacher, Waverly East Intermediate School, Lansing, Michigan

  • Mary C. Belknap

    The 21st Century new teacher needs as many tools in their box as they can acquire. Bill Cecil has presented at our Future and New Teachers Conference twice in the last three years. His message, his passion for teaching, and his practical teaching tips are echoed often by our new preservice teachers. Without a doubt, he has tried and true information and it is refreshing, as an educator, to hear preservice teachers use his ideas and suggestions. More important, Bill’s ideas are effective.

    — Mary C. Belknap
    Teacher Education Coordinator/Professor, Jackson Community College;
    National Association of Community Colleges in Teacher Education Preparation