Dot Blackwell

Superintendent, Vassar Public School

"The 'Best Year Ever!' has become the mantra of our district after the genuine and inspiring presentation by educator Bill Cecil to begin our 2022-2023 school year. Bill was able to make his engagement strategies 'alive' by using captivating stories and real-life experiences to connect to every instructor in the auditorium. We can't wait to have him return to work with our instructional staff again! Go Vulcans!"

Kelly Blake

Interim Superintendent, Waverly Community Schools

"I have had the honor of both being a colleague of Bill Cecil and also listening to him present to a group of educators. Quite simply, he walks the talk. He knows how to build productive, collaborative, and cooperative teams. His presentations are captivating, interesting, and thought provoking! In my 30 years as an educator, I haven't listened to a speaker that was more inspiring!"

Dr. Susan Gutierrez

Principal, Northern Trails 5/6, Forest Hills Public Schools

"When a school team pulls together WITH kids, you are impacting their essential foundation for learning. Bill Cecil gives teachers the playbook for a 'Best Year Ever!' and invigorates staff!"

Tom Watkins

President and CEO, TDW & Associates - Michigan Superintendent of Schools, 2001-2005

"It was a pleasure to serve as State Superintendent of Schools the year Bill Cecil was chosen to represent the fantastic Michigan teachers as “Teacher of the Year!” Bill has a contagious, “can do attitude” that helps propel students and adults forward to accomplish the task at hand. Perhaps the highest praise I can give to Bill is that I only wish my children could have had him as their teacher! Michigan is blessed to have many great teachers, and Bill is at the top of the class."

Shanna Barnum

Principal, Alaiedon Elementary School, Mason Public Schools

"Bill's message and stories were so inspiring. He has a special way of connecting with his audience. My group of teachers honestly could have listened to Bill speak for another hour! He has a real gift for sharing the importance of being positive and working together as a team."

Nancy Cook 

Professor of Education and Director of Student Teaching - Hope College, Holland, Michigan

"Bill Cecil is one of the most dynamic and engaging speakers that I have encountered in my career.  While he provides substantive and practical suggestions for the beginning teacher to implement in his/her first year of teaching, his ideas are applicable to teachers of all ilk and experience.  In addition to being an excellent presenter, his book, Best Year Ever!, is easy to read and provides accessible information for the classroom practitioner."

Mark R. Bensinger

 M.A Licensed Realtor at Coldwell Banker Hubbell Briarwood

"In my opinion Mr. Bill Cecil is in the top 1% of the teacher's deemed HIGHLY EFFECTIVE that I have seen, observed, or read about. I write this from the perspective of a former building principal and as a parent of a child formerly in his classroom. In over a decade I have written over 300 teacher evaluations, and from that knowledge I gained the ability to tell the difference between who can talk the talk, and who can walk the walk. I can tell you that Mr. Cecil is the real deal. I have been in his classroom and observe his practice and relationships as well as participated in working with small groups in his classroom. Over the span of the year that my son was in his class I have never observed a teacher better at building relationships, forming a culture and climate of mutual respect and caring, but without a doubt having high standards as the basis of all expectations. I write this endorsement not only because I respected Mr. Cecil as a teacher and as a man, but because, nearly 5 years later, my son still talks about Mr. Cecil and still reminisces about how much he misses the environment of dignity and respect Mr. Cecil built and maintained. This recommendation comes not only from myself, but from a young man who became a young man, in part, from the influences and wisdom on life, respect, and relationship building he learned while in Mr. Cecil's class. Not a year has gone by that my son has not said, " I wish I still had Mr. Cecil." Hat's off to you Sir. Every child deserves to be in a classroom like yours, at least once in their life."