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    Tip #1: Every Teacher Is A Leader With A Team To Lead

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    Tip #2: Leadership Starts With Vision

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    Tip #3: Create A Shared Vision

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    • Tip #100: Enthusiasm Is Your Key To Success

      Bill saved one of the most important strategies (and his personal favorite) to share last in this video series.  He truly believes it is the key to your success as a teacher and a leader in the classroom — and beyond.  Guard it with your life!

    • Tip #99: Keep Yourself Motivated

      Great leaders find things to keep themselves motivated and moving forward.  Not only will this help make you successful as a teacher, it will make you a great role model for your students and other adults involved in education as well.

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    • An Interview With Bill Cecil In

      Click on the following link ( ) to read an interview with Bill Cecil for, an online magazine for parents and teachers in Australia, UK, USA and most English speaking countries.  In this interview, Bill explains how being named Michigan Teacher of the Year (2003-2004) changed his life and continues to motivate him to [...]

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    • Great Teachers Master the Science and Art of Teaching

      “Great dancers are not great because of their technique; they are great because of their passion.” –Martha Graham– I believe technique and passion are essential in order to be truly great at whatever you do!  However, passion provides the magic that can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.  It’s what makes a person or their [...]

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  • Intro to The B.Y.E. Top 100!

    The B.Y.E. Top 100 video series is a collection of free, upbeat videos (each under five minutes) that focus on classroom management, team building, and leadership.

    Bill Cecil, a full-time classroom teacher with 25 years experience, shares one strategy per video that teachers can take and use immediately in their classrooms. Click your mouse on the "WATCH ME NOW!" icon below to gain access to the complete series that includes a title and short written introduction for each one. Enjoy!

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You Have The Power To Make It Happen!

About The Book!

the bookLiked the Videos? Now Learn How To Make Every Year As A Teacher Your Best Year Ever!

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About The Coins!

BYE! CoinsThe Best Year Ever! Coins are a powerful tool that teachers can use in their classroom throughout the year that then become a valued keepsake students will hold onto for years to come.

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Ruth A. Volz

As  an  instructor at Central Michigan University of students just beginning to explore the field of education, I and my teaching team have found Bill Cecil’s book to have many valuable lessons for our students.  His book is a “must read” for any pre-professional education student. Ruth A. Volz EDU 107 instructor (12 years –recently [...]


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